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. For the FIRST time on the Internet you can have your own pagenetpet(tm) personality that not only lives it's daily life according to what you specify, but it also keeps track of visitors going to your web site and individual pages!

That's right, you can specify when your pet can sleep, work, exercise and even have fun . . . all the while it tirelessly keeps count of how many people are visiting your site as well as individual pages and shows you what it's doing on your site!

Of course, there are other styles to choose from too. The animated style is shown below:
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Example PageNetPet
His action changes every 10 minutes!
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. Throughout it's day, your animated PageNetPet(tm) can be seen on your site performing various actions besides keeping track of how many visitors you are getting. You can find out what each action is by clicking here. By following that link you can also find out what other types are available. .

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